Boston Old Path Sangha was  founded in 1989 to support people in the greater Boston area who practice mindfulness in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. It was incorporated as a non-profit in Massachusetts in 2000.  It brings together others on the same path.  BOPS has always supported our various weekly sittings (hamlets) in their practice with logistical support and by providing financial stability.   We hold regular Sangha Care Councils (formerly Planning Meetings) where members from the various hamlets discuss the challenges and successes of their practice.

Over the years, we have supported regional retreats, held Days of Mindfulness and hosted social events. BOPS encourages a diversified practice by offering financial assistance to those who wish to attend a mindfulness retreat.

Membership is open to everyone, without exception.  All are welcome to sit with us, as well as to join us in all other sangha activities, whether as members or not.  We regard each other as brothers and sisters, practicing these concords:

  • We share our practice space.
  • We share the essence of our daily lives.
  • We observe the same mindfulness trainings.
  • We use only words that contribute to harmony.
  • We share our insights and understanding.
  • We respect each other’s viewpoints.

The suggested dana (donation) for annual membership is $25 a year, and it is optional.

To state your membership, simply email info (at) or use our contact form.   Dana can be offered via the donate button below, or you can let us know if you’d like the mailing address for a check.